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How to Choose a Merch Store? Which is better - Teespring or Printful?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Is Teespring good quality? Are Teespring t shirts good quality? Well, not really. Here are 3 reasons teespring is not good quality and how to choose a merch store.

1. Strong Vinegar Smell

Teespring (Spring) shirts smell like vinegar.

And when I wrote to teespring to ask why that is, they were super nice about and replied very quickly: About the vinegar smell, don't worry, that's not unusual - it's from a fixation agent applied during the printing process and it's not permanent. You can mix white vinegar with cold water and soak your tees for 30-60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

To which I replied: So am I supposed to tell clients to soak their t shirts in white vinegar for 30-60 minutes? – I mean honestly, how off putting would that be if it was on your website? Luckily, I did find a T-Shirt company, whose T-Shirts just smell nice straight out of the package.

2. Cheap Feel

Secondly – The T-Shirts just feel really thin.

I mean I obviously am no fashion expert here, but we can all feel cheap when we touch clothes. And even the premium version T-shirt just didn’t feel right. And still smelled really bad. My youtube channel is primarily for medics and GPs like myself, so I really wanted something that felt premium.

3. Bad First Impressions

Thirdly – my first batch of sample orders was literally all wrong – the colour was black instead of Navy and the Toddler T-Shirt had an awful brown stain right next to the logo. Again, the customer service team was super nice and replaced everything at no cost, but I don’t want my customers to have to do that.

What is the Alternative?

So, you might be wondering who I ended choosing for the T-Shirts I am currently selling and the answer is Printful. The T-Shirts don’t smell like vinegar, they feel stronger and somehow better and the sample orders were, well, they were just the right orders and without dubious brown stains.

Lastly though, there is one major drawback when it comes to printful. You need to have your own website to host the store – and this is where teespring might win for you. I had my own website, so that was a non-issue, but for people who are not so inclined – teespring is super super easy to set up and the website actually looks pretty good.

The idea of these companies is really cool, you simply design the shirt or other piece of merch, and when someone orders it, they create the piece and send it to your customer and that’s it. So it’s really simple!

👕 Create Your own T Shirt with Printful -


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