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Medical equipment otoscope and stethoscope lying on doctor's desk


1. Menorrhagia

2. Erectile Dysfunction

3. Palpitations

4. Fatigue

5. IBS

6. Back pain and Sciatica

7. School Refusals

8. Nocturnal Enuresis

9. Menopause

10. Viral Induced Wheeze

Medical microscope in clinical laboratory to examine specimens


11. NHS Complaints Procedure in Primary Care

12. Diabetic Ketoacidosis

13. Explaining Hypertension and Diabetes

14. Asthma Review

15. Pain in Palliative Care

16. Examination of Shoulder and Knees

17. Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) in Men

18. Using a Tuning Fork

19. Chronic Heart Failure

20. Haemophilia

Little Boy Using stethoscope to examine a teddy's cardiovascular system


21. Emergency Contraception

22. Confidentiality in CSA Cases

23. Contraception in under 16 year olds

24. Issues around Childhood Immunisations

25. Genital Herpes and Genital Herpes in Pregnancy

26. Osteoporosis

27. Headaches

28. Atrial Fibrillation

29. Red Eye

30. Premature Ejaculation