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How to Create a Sick Note in EMIS | How to Create a Template in AccuRx

Efficient Steps to Sending Sick Notes: A Quick Guide for GPs

In this blog post, I'll share a lightning-fast method for sending sick notes to patients using EMIS and AccuRx.

Picture this: What if I could grant you the superpower of speed in just a few minutes? Well, in a way, I can

  1. Start with loading up your patient – remember the trick I showed you in this video – F6 F4, make sure your consult is on admin, choose the problem and create the sicknote, change to printer to Print to PDF and click on preview, NOT PRINT. Clicking PRINT will make EMIS crash. When I showed to this the partners at my practice, they asked how the heck did I manage to figure that out. A misspent youth was my simple, but honest reply. Now click print and consider creating a folder with all of your sick notes. Choose a way to name the note and Save.

  2. Next open File Explorer, either go into your folder or use the really convenient quick access tab, open the file and press “control+shift+-“ to flip the page. Add your signature as demonstrated in this video, place it and now save. Choose your folder, I use the same one, and replace the old sick note.

  3. Now, load up AccuRx, click on the text message button and create a template if you don’t have one and here’s how to do that. Then attach the file and send!

And there you have it, a rapid-fire method for managing sick notes efficiently. If you found this guide helpful, leave a thumbs up, subscribe for more tips, and feel free to email me directly for any queries. Cheers!

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