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Top Five Must-Haves for Remote Working: A GP's Desk Setup Tour

In this blog, I'll walk you through my productivity desk setup for 2021 and share the top five essentials for remote working. Let me show you the things to invest in, to maybe even start enjoying remote working a little bit.

  1. A Comfortable Chair: Let's start with the backbone of my setup—literally—a proper office chair. Without going into too much detail, I had the most horrible coccygodynia when I started working from home in my 10 year old IKEA office chair and I even bought a well researched fanny cushion to try to help. Well, 6 months later of constant pain and I got fed and got a proper office chair. Within 2 weeks - my pain was but a distant memory. Yup - Secret Lab - choose the according to your height - so I have the Titan because I am 187cm tall. Oh my lord, it is like heaven on my a*&. Retail - £399

  2. Neck Riser: Avoiding "Zoom neck" became crucial, leading me to get a neck riser to maintain good posture during video calls. This inexpensive addition (around £30-40) made a noticeable difference in reducing strain.

  3. Separate Keyboard: If you are using a riser, which you must quite frankly, you need a separate keyboard, because you can’t really type on a riser, I think because it’s actually dangerous. This wireless logitech keyboard is just amazing, I do my touch typing practice on it, the keys feels just feel great - right ok, we are in proper nerd territory if we are commenting on the feel of the keys - and it has this amazing function - by clicking 1 or 2 here, I can switch from it being paired to my laptop which is a Mac, and my GP practice laptop which is a PC, and it works seamlessly. So I would highly recommend it. Retail £99.99

  4. Ergonomic Mouse: No more trackpad woes—I switched to a wireless mouse (priced at £59.99) that fits comfortably in my hand and offers smooth navigation across screens.

  5. Bonus: Powerline Adapter: The ultimate game-changer in remote working, the TP-Link Powerline adapter, priced at £29, ensures stable internet connectivity by using ethernet cables instead of relying on Wi-Fi, especially helpful for uninterrupted Zoom calls.

These five items have truly transformed my remote work experience, making it not just bearable but enjoyable. Good luck with your remote setup adventures!

* - If you want to support GP On The Move - please use the affiliate links at no extra cost to yourself. If you do not want to, feel free to google these cool items and you will be able to get them as well. Whatever you decide, in my opinion, these are the best and I hope you found this video useful!

5 Must Haves of Remote Working:

🆂 Office Chair -

💻 Keyboard -

📡 Internet Adapter -

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