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How "The Chimp Paradox" Can Be Integrated Into Your Daily Agenda | 3 Tips from Prof Steve Peters

Tame your inner chimp with these Top 3 Tips from Prof Steve Peters' best-selling "The Chimp Paradox" - the acclaimed mind management programme to help you achieve success, confidence and happiness.

The best about The Chimp Paradox is that it is literally a gold mine with hundreds upon hundreds of nuggets of pure wisdom crammed into one little book. The worst thing about the Chimp Paradox is that it is a gold mine with hundreds upon hundreds of nuggets of pure wisdom crammed into one little book. But here is a completely arbitrary top 3.

1. Define your troop

Prof Peters imagines that every person comprises a chimp – which is an emotional, irrational and instinct driven entity - and a human – which is the opposite, calm, composed and rational. Most mental illnesses or difficulties are caused by the chimp, more precisely by not managing one’s chimp. A chimp is a social animal and needs to feel valued and accepted by the troop of chimps that surround him or her. What Prof Peters proposes, is that we should deliberately put time aside to define our troop, so the people around us. Cut ties with people that may be toxic to us, that put us down, that don’t believe in us, no matter how long they have known us for. Instead, invest your time, love and energy in the people that will value you in return and will help you stay happy through their own positivity. Once we have decided who our troop is, we should make a conscious effort to spend time with those selected people to further strengthen those bonds, which will in turn put the chimp at ease.

2. Distract your chimp

I can’t help shaking the analogy of the chimp being similar to a young child, ready to wreak havoc if it’s needs aren’t satisfied. Prof Peters gives suggestions of two activities that will most easily distract the chimp – and if your first thought was iPad – shame on you! Music and Books (paper versions). It is something that we so often forget but listening to relaxing and calm music and reading a good book really does settle both adults and children.

3. The million-pound question

The second half of the book concentrates on ways to effectively pursue one’s dreams. No matter how big or small. He talks about how to plan, how to foresee and tackle obstacles, how to deal with failure or perceived failure – that can often lead to success – and finally how to keep you motivated. And that’s where the million-pound question comes into play. It’s pretty simple, if there is a task that needs doing to help achieve your dreams and you’re having a duvet day – ask yourself if you would complete the task if someone gave you a million pounds. If the answer is yes, get off your backside and get it done!

Finally, I promised you a bonus at the end. If you manage to placate your chimp enough to get through the whole, here’s a real treat for the geek in everyone called “Ready Player One” – and I got this recommendation from the amazing Dr Ali Abdaal. I literally couldn’t put this one down so enjoy.

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