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How to Use the BNF in EMIS | The Secret of the Hidden BNF in EMIS

Have you ever felt like you're looking but not truly seeing? It's a common sentiment, especially in the medical field. The BNF is hidden in two places. Reviewing notes and issuing drugs. F9 is the shortcut to access the medication tab by the way.

1. From the medication tab, (F9) , and here’s where the looking but not seeing comes into play, on the right hand side there is a drug info button, click on that and there it is. You click on it without selecting a drug, which will bring up the main page of the bnf or click on a drug to bring up more info about that one in particular.

2. Whenever you choose to prescribe a drug in EMIS, beside the flurry or yellow and red alerts, you can see little tabs here, - drug information. Believe it or not, but this is the BNF. And one of the most useful things about this is, once you find the dose, you can highlight it, copy (crtl+c) and paste it (ctrl+v) in the dose box below.

Another tip is, if you are struggling to find an item in past meds, you can click on the search option and even just write cream and it will show you list of creams prescribed in the past. Finally, I promised you a bonus at the end, This is a tip that I got from an inner city out of hours GP called iChart – which is the Liverpool HIV drug interaction checker.

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